How can I teach my new puppy to not mess his bed when I leave the room?

He is 9 weeks old and has only been with us 1 week. He has already learned to mess on command and when he needs to, on paper by the back door, using clicker training. He sleeps in a large crate by my bedside at night and manages from 7.30pm to around 3-4am before he needs to mess. During the day, we use a smaller crate downstairs as his bed and only leave him for very short periods if i need to leave the room. From day 1 he has messed his downstairs bed if i leave the room, even if i leave the crate door open. I have tried getting him to pee and then just popping out of the room but anymore then 30 seconds and he will still wee. He has now started to also poop if I leave the room for more then 2 minutes. I have never had a dog who will mess where they sleep so i don't know how to stop this happening. Clearly he does not like being alone and i feel he is messing because he is cross or upset and not because he needs to go. Any advice would be great as he seems more stressed every time

Asked by Member 1155530 on Feb 16th 2013 in Behavior & Training
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Clean up messes with a cleaner made for dog accidents or use vinager so that your puppy can not smell it. Otherwise he will continue to go in that spot.

I recommend crate training, you can look it up on the internet. (Always supervising puppy unless in closed crate, and bringing puppy to its bathroom spot after ever 15 min for example. A 9 week old puppy cannot hold it for long, and even more so if it is a high energy or small breed.)

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