How can I stop my puppy biting and jumping on me and barking at me when I say no?

When I say NO to my puppy she barks at me as if it's a game. I don't know what to do because she's getting really hard to control, she's only 9 weeks but I want to nip it in the bud before it carrys on into her being older. Soon she'll be big enough to jump on the couch and I don't want her to bite the kids and jump on them. I've tried everything I know from squirting, to time out, to saying NO firmly. I don't know what else to try.

Asked by Member 994650 on Jun 29th 2010 in Other Behavior & Training
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When you say NO! to her, she thinks you are barking at her. She's barking because she's inviting you to play as if you were a littermate.
I hope you took her to obedience school (character limit here)
Pay for quiet. Make giving her attention a reward for her sitting quietly. Do not feed until she is sitting quietly. Do not pet her until she's sitting quietly, and make quiet a rewarding experience for her.
Make sure all these positive things that she wants are conditional and earned. If she doesn't earn them, then she doesn't think she has to do anything, and then her behavior is out of control.

No Free Stuff.

Tuck answered on 6/29/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Consistently is very important in correcting jumping and other problems. Quickly correcting him each and every time he jumps on somebody is very important. He must never get the affection he wants. A number of things have been used including some negative things inthe past. As part of the the trend away from negative methods, just step backwards leaving his front feet to fall to the floor. After a few tries, the dog may just stand there looking confused.

Young Labs, which I know best, and other puppies tend to very bad about biting. You see a litter of them, and all the ones that are awake are biting another one or themselves. I am not even sure they realize that when they are alone, if they quit biting, they would quit being bitten. At 3 to 4 months they are getting their adult teeth, and it seems they spend every waking moment biting or chewing. One thing you can do at that stage is to knot and wet a piece of cloth. Then freeze it. The cooling will soothe the gums. Only let the puppy have it when you are there to watch it. I maintain a Lab's favorite chew toy is another Lab. Otherwise they settle for any person they can. They keep hoping to find one that won't yelp, jerk their hand away, and leave.

You just have to keep on correcting them, hundreds of times, not dozens. Provide sturdy, safe toys such as Kongs and Nylabones. Avoid things they can chew pieces off and choke on them. Keep them away from electrical cords. Crates are essential for most young Labs and other dogs.

Aster answered on 6/29/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


when she starts doing it the no is a reward.
A reward because she has no idea what no is.
Even pushing her at this age can be a reward.
I suggest that you stop the no word.

Trying doing very simple down commands each day for only about 2-4 times once a day that's it.
Use food.
Praise her verbally also for doing the down.
Do the down with your hand initally and correctly.
Take your hand put a piece of food in it. I use real meat, like ham or beef. Close your hand make a fist.
Hover hand over head when dog sits then quickly lower hand down in front of his nose towards center of foreleg, then rock hand to his elbow. When dog lowers his body naturally and slowly your hand should be at his elbow and by this time his head should be down and chin pointing at close hand when his body is all the way down and he is down over whole body open your hand let him eat it and praise him, only do this 2-4 x 1 x a day that's it. As a baby he does not need this pounded into his head, make fun!

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That is very true. It is a game for her when you say the word 'NO'. It's very confusing for a puppy to understand that word, because they only follow the humans tone of voice. They honestly can't actually know what a word means.

This all can be corrected if YOU act like a puppy for a minute. If she begins to snap or bite, you'll have to yelp like a puppy. It may seem silly, but your puppy understands! If she sees that you are hurt, she will most likely stop the biting.

Make sure you have plenty of avaible chewing toys, but never give her a toy when she bites. This is a mistake that many people make. The puppy feels as if she is being rewarded when you give her a toy.

I hope this method works for you.

Buckeye answered on 6/29/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


By saying NO, you are "barking" back at the puppy, which is what she wants. She wants attention.

First of all...GET YOUR PUPPY IN A PUPPY OBEDIENCE CLASS! That will be a bit more beneficial than asking questions on the internet. You need to make an investment into the behavior and well-being of your puppy, or you will have one heck of an unruly adult dog. You think this is hard...wait until your untrained puppy turns into an adult.

Ignoring your puppy is very hard on a dog. They crave your attention and when they don't get it, that tends to calm them down. When she jumps up on you, back away so that her feet hit the floor, or turn around and walk away.

Your puppy need to be taught bite inhibition. If she would have been with her siblings, that would have been taught to her. Now it is up to you. When she bites, do a high pitched "yip" or "squeal". Sound like another dog. Then walk away.

That is just the basics. Get to a class soon!

McKayla answered on 6/30/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Well, good job with sharing that because i know how to stop it!!
When you say no firmly try using a firm and controlling voice, you may think it hurts the puppy but it doesnt. next if she does not improve try training her and reward her with a treat if she gets it right

Member 993949 answered on 7/1/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Have you checked out This is the Dog Whisperer's website. He offers great tips and videos on how to deal with different behavioral issues. Look up the section on Puppies and Raising the Perfect Dog. Once you learn the signs to look for you can begin to stop the behavior before it starts. Good luck!

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