How can I stop my dog from trying to jump over the wall?

There is another dog next door that stays outside all day and my dog stays out side for most of the day. A while ago while i was outside the dog next door started barking and my dog tried to jump the wall. So I put up some chairs along the wall to get her out of the habit of jumping the wall. After a few months I removed the chairs and now when the dog barks she cries and smells the wall and then tries to jump it. She gets really high and has almost gotten over before and I'm afraid she will get over when she is outside alone. How can i stop her from jumping the wall?

Asked by Mocha on Nov 22nd 2011 in Behavior & Training
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What's the height of the wall? There's a lot of things you can put on the wall to stop her from jumping over.

- Chicken wire. Place chicken wire on the bottom of the fence or on the very top of the fence. Dogs HATE chicken wire, they can't stand the way it feels and will most likely not escape.

- Hot wire. Place hot wire on the top of the wall, if the dog tries to jump over or jumps on top of the wall it will get shocked and will jump back into your yard. Usually the first time the dog tries jumping over, they'll never try again.

- Cinder blocks. Try placing cinder blocks on top of the wall and filling them with cement so that the dog will not be able to push the cinder blocks over.

- Trees. Have you thought of planting trees along the wall so that he won't jump over?

Good luck!

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