how can i stop my dog barking at night and early in the morning?

my dog just recently started barking at night and very early in the morning. once it was because of a fox in our backyard, though now we are not sure what is causing her to bark. We have given her toys and bones to play with and we give her daily walks. Her breed is a soft coat wheaten terrier and she is only 10 months old. Please help!! I think it's cruel to remove the dogs vocal cords and put bark collars and other cruel devices.

Asked by Member 856034 on Sep 10th 2010 Tagged dog, barking in Barking
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I agree, debarking or shocking is uncalled for and cruel.

My dogs learned to leave the door area when I go out, look and shoo them away....not my first choice in the middle of the night or before dawn. You should be able to reduce her barking if you're persistant about shooing her from the area and sending her to bed.

I have 2 that sleep in bedrooms and one in his crate, that seems to be the only way they are quiet without fail. The barking is more due to being nervous.

Don't yell at her to stop - they think your barking at foxes too.

Practice sending her to her bed whenever she barks. It does seem to make them stop if you look first and let them know there is nothing to worry about. Sending them away is not easy, but keep blocking her and be firm about leaving the area and going to lie down.

These days all I have to do is give mine the "eye" and they know I'm telling them to hush and go lie down. That took tons of practice.

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