How can I give my overweight pugs enough exercise?

I have 3 overweight pugs that were told by the vet to exercise, the problem is that I live in a small small town and the only park doesn't allow pets. They play and wrestle around, but for a short time. I try taking them outside, but they don't like the snow(we have over 1ft). So, what do you suggest?

Asked by Bella on Jan 23rd 2013 Tagged exercise, play, weight, toy in Obesity
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When it stops snowing and most of the snow is all melted, take them for 1-2 walks a day. Play fetch outside with them. Take them to the dog park. Buy a treadmill and have them walk and run on the treadmill inside. If they like to swim, take them to the lake on warm days and let them swim.

Feed them a better food. Switch them to a grain free food.

Fromm is a great kibble to feed, learn more about Fromm at

Most of the Fromm foods are grain free which is a plus for any dog. Fromm is one of the best kibbles that you can feed to a dog. There's many different formulas to choose from which makes it easy to choose the perfect one the feed to your dog.

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In humans, combining diet and exercise is key. But in dogs, just a healthy diet in normal portions is sufficient. Some dogs, like pugs, are just couch potatoes and don't gravitate towards exercise.

What does your feeding regimen look like? Are you free feeding them and allowing them to pick at the food all day? Or do they have measured portions only a couple of times a day? The latter is the better option for dogs who aren't very good at maintaining their own healthy weight. You may also need to switch to a better brand of food or a weight maintenance food. And adding an extra walk in after dinner doesn't hurt. :)

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