How can I get my pit/lab mix to stop barking and growling at my dad?

I have a 9 month female pit/lab mix. She wondered up in my yard when she was about 3 months old with a broken leg. She's really sweet and I don't have any problems with her except for recently she started barking and growling at my dad. She doesn't even do it all the time. He pets her and is nice but all of a sudden it's like she doesn't know who he is. She seems fine around my mother and I, and also my sister who doesn't even live with us and has only visited once. I thought that maybe she didn't like men but she was nice to him in the beginning and our other 3 dogs have no problem with him. It's getting to the point where I don't think he'll let me keep her anymore. Help please!!

Asked by Member 1076005 on Dec 7th 2011 in Aggression
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Take her to the vet, out of no where aggression/barking/growling is a sign of there's something wrong, medically. Also, stop by the Dogster Behavior and Training Forum and ask there as well, here it is -

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