How can I get my English pointer to eat!?

I just adopted a champion show pointer from a breeder to train as a service dog. He is 2 years old. My friend who raises and bred pointers (from the same genetic.line) told me they ate notorious for.being slow eaters. She also told me that I can expect to feed him about 6 cups.of food a day even on a high.protein food like totw. (hear eats 6-10 cups a day of proplan high.performance and still sometimes loses weight).

My problem is my pointer is not eating well even though he is a healthy weight, hasn't lost weight and is over all extremely healthy! I like to feed 2x daily but I have been giving.him his entire 6 cups in the am so he can graze. Sometimes he will eat all of it, sometimes he will eat 3-4 cups... Or. Like today it has been out for 4 hours and he hasn't touched a.single kibble....

Being a service dog prospect I can not afford to have him get sick or.lose weight! I'm not used to this, I grew up with beagles that gobble everything!

Any help or suggestions?

Asked by Member 1143088 on Nov 30th 2012 Tagged totw, englishpointer, pointer, sloweater, servicedog, food, kibble in Pet Food
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By leaving it out and allowing him to eat when he feels like it, you are enabling him to be a slow, picky eater.
Right now, while he is new to you, start feeding him half his food in the morning and leave it down for ONLY 15 minutes. When that time is up, pick up the food and put it away until supper time.
Again, leave it only 15 minutes and pick it up. Once he realizes it is eat it or lose it, he WILL eat when it's put in front of him. This can take a few days (or more) to get him to realize if he doesn't eat it, it will be gone. DO NOT feed him lots of treats and snacks during this training period or he will continue to wait you out for something better.
Once he has established eating twice a day you can adjust the amount of food he needs to maintain his condition, just remember to never leave it longer than 15 minutes at a time. He won't starve himself!!!
My dogs all eat once a day, in the evening. IF they don't finish their food (rarely), I give it back to them to finish in

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Toto is absolutely right. Please take her advice.

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