How can I get my dogs (1 male and 1 female) to stop fighting?

I recently brought home a 4 year old female terrier mix from the humane society. She's generally calm and well-behaved, but keeps getting into fights (nothing serious yet) with my 11 month old, male schnauzer/german shepherd mix. Although it hasn't escalated to the point of injury, the fights are getting increasingly more aggressive and most recently my 2 year old male pit/lab mix tried to join the fight as well, but stopped when I simply told him no very sternly, as I was in the process of separating the other two. I feed them together, and when we walk, I put them beside each other and generally they don't have a problem with one another. The fights seem to be random, and I can't seem to catch what's causing them to become aggressive with each other. I need help.

Asked by Member 1005830 on Sep 27th 2010 in Aggression
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Hi, Usually its the two males that fight- anyways, If the fighting REALLY starts to gte out of Control I reccomed obediance classes. When they are being nice to eachother give them treats and lots of attention.

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