how can i get my dog to stop biting other dogs at the dog park?

my dog is great around people but not so great around other dogs.
she generally meets other dogs by freezing and letting her hair stand up, then she might bite the other dog if it comes near her face. to me it doesn't seem that she is out for blood and after this first bight she is usually good to play and have a good time with the other dog. that is until another new face shows up and she reacts again.
how can i work towards stopping this behavior?
i have tried walking her around the park on the haltie so i can be there when she greets other animals. i tried to show her that she is wrong by jerking the leash but she only ends up trying to pull it from me. so now she has gone from fighting the dog to trying to fight me on the leash.
could i just put a muzzle on her and let her just interact with the other dogs while using the muzzle? maybe she would see she can't bite them then just move on to playing....

Asked by Member 1001795 on Aug 24th 2010 Tagged biting, dogpark, muzzle in Socialization
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Dogs usually don't 'greet' each other in the face. They sniff the behind.

If others are getting in her face, she could be correct at putting them in their place for that.
That is also a dominant behavior.

Using a muzzle could cause harm to your dog if another gets in her face and gets aggressive to her. She wouldn't be able to defend herself.

If it bothers you or you think she might get aggressive with her nipping behavior then you should take her to training sessions.
Call your vet for a person(s) that trains dogs.

Good luck

Member 430208 answered on 8/25/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Kelly Bean

My dog has this problem as well and I've found that smaller play groups make her less agitated. She has friends and can make them, just in a more respectful manner. One on one is better for her. Feeling closed in and not able to escape sends her stress through the roof.

Post on some websites to meet other people or go to some dog stores and talk about your situation. There should be people willing to meet on a smaller basis.

Kelly Bean answered on 11/30/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer