How can I get my dog to ignore other dogs? Or to at least not charge at them?

I recently adopted a service dog. She is GreatDane/Lab, 6 years old, and beautifully low key, well trained and is a great help to me (with balance). One trait has me stumped, and her trainer has since passed away. She completely loses her mind when another dog is near, bolting for it, losing all focus on me, etc. She is very dominant over dogs and will not fight unless they do, but they have to roll over before she backs off. She is fine with our chihuahua, but becomes a charging bear whenever anyone with a dog walks by our house or while we are out. It is terrifying for them (she is enormous)and also for me because she knocks me off balance. I have tried training or simply relaxing near other dogs, a dog park with a muzzle on, clicker training, breaking her focus, treats, submissive positioning, etc. She will sometimes seem to relax, then will bolt suddenly and lunge at them again. She does this whether or not she is with me. This is her only flaw, and nothing I do seems to help. Help

Asked by Member 1130917 on Sep 15th 2012 Tagged dogs, aggression, alpha in Service & Therapy Dogs
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You are starting right by relaxing with other dogs around her...since the 1st trainer passed away I recommend 1st a full work up by your dogs vet to make sure there is nothing medically wrong with your dog, and the vet for recommemded dog trainers in your area.
I have a service dog for bi-polar, aniexty, panic attacks and PTSD and at least 1-2 times a year I see a professional trainer with or without other dogs in the class to make sure we are on the right road still....of course she gets to visit the k9 park often & her big brother after lesssons at the park(aka my mothers german shepherd)

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It all comes down to dominance, the dog does not see you as the "pack leader" so she is acting like the dominate one in the relationship. I can't tell you how many "service dogs" have tried to attack my service dog. You have to learn how to be the Alpha in your relationship.

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