how can i get my dog to gain weight ?

my dog is a poodle terrier mix and he is a lil over 2 years old he wont eat any dog food i have tried so hard to get him to he eats catfood though but that is about it i need something or somethings to get him to gain weight took to vet they tell me to feed him dog food but i have bought so much and he wont eat vets cost way to much where i live and i hate to take him back and pay a lot for something unless i can get him to fatten up first trying to see if i can help him on my own can anyone tell me some foods that fatten dogs up and maybe a kind of dog food wet and dry that may appeal to him i dont know what else to do i love my doggy so much i really dont wanna lose him !

Asked by Member 896906 on Oct 3rd 2009 Tagged food, health, notgainingweight in Food & Nutrition
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Is he neutered??? Many, many times male dogs will gain weight after they are neutered. Also, you need to do some tough love... get a great food, give him his breakfast. If he doesn't eat it in 15 minutes, pick it up and he get NOTHING until the next meal, again, same food, leave it 15 minutes, pick it up. you can add some warm water or yogurt to his meal, but don't just let him nibble all day long. Give him meals at the same time each day. He will learn to eat that way, if you don't give in and let him snack on treats or cat food.
I was skinny, I only ate about every three days but now that I am neutered I am a perfect weight. I still don't eat every day, but Mom won't leave my meals for me to nibble, if I don't eat them I have to wait for the next mealtime.

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Do his ribs show? If not, leave well enough alone. It is all too common for dogs to be overweight. Some dogs insist on keeping themselves lean. Your dog definitely should be narrower at the waist than the hips and chest. You
should be able to easily feel the ribs, but not see them. Each dog is different.
Standard recommendations are a good place to start, but each dog must have its
food and exercise adjusted to its individual needs. Here is a link to a good
illustrated guide,

So pick a food and stick to it. The put the food down for 15 minutes is a good idea. There is no need for expensive food, either from the vet or the ones people push here.

Some of fatty junk people suggest can cause a fatal case of pancreatitis.

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I would highly recomend you try EVO. The reason most dogs prefer cat food to dog food is because cat food has more meat. However EVO dog food actually has more meat then most regular cat foods so I'm sure your dog will be interested. Plus lol it made my Chocolate gain a bit of unwanted weight, but I'm sure it would be great for you guys. Just make sure you transition slowly and feed less of that then you would a tranditional food as it has almost twice the protein.

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If changing food or food habits doesn't help you may want to talk to your vet about a steriod. My vet gave my 4 month old puppy a steriod after his surgery and he gained his appetite back and gained weight very quickly. the only draw back is you can't give it to him forever.

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Dressing up kibble with a bit of unsalted broth, a spoonful of good quality canned food with water, an egg cooked or raw, some meat cooked with water added should make him interested in eating. If you do this it must be picked up and thrown out after 1/2 hour as it will be spoiled. I would spoon cans out and portion any meat or egg used and freeze it so I could use just a bit per meal without fear of spoilage.

Try retraining him. Note how much food he will eat and feed less than that so he learns to gobble up what he is offered. Slowly increase the food in the bowl if he does need more.

If he needs to gain weight then offer food more often. Sassy couldn't hold enough food and water in her stomach if fed twice a day so I feed her three times a day now.

Asher is right, does he NEED to gain weight? It is far healthier for the ribs to be easily felt. I don't like to see the hip or back bones though.

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If he likes cat food then you may want to try a food that is mostly fish, like Tast of the Wild Salmon and Herring for example. Is there a reason he is willing to eat cat food?
If you have a cat and he just is following the leader, then don't feed the cat near him anymore. or put the dogs food in the cat bowl to fool him into eating it.

You are going to have to out think the dog - or think like the dog. He can't eat cat food and stay healthy - not the same nutrients...

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Quincy - CGC

This puts weight on fast and I haven't met a dog yet that wont eat it.

Quincy - CGC answered on 10/4/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Miss Priss

Here is a dog food easy recipe to make for your picky dog....HE will love it:
recipe here:

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