How can i encourage my dog to like being brushed?

My beagle dislikes being brushed on her body but quite enjoys having her head and ears brushed! I have tried diferent types of brushes too! Can anyone recommend a good grooming brush?

Asked by Carmel on Apr 4th 2011 in Grooming
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I heard a "Furminator" is a good groomers brush..Even though I couldn't buy one..or just a Firm Bristle brush....These dogs are average shedders...

Try to talk softly to her...Treat her when shes being a good dog while your brushing on her BODY....Beagles should be brushed 3-4times a week depending on there shedding...

What I usally do is if my dog has a itchy spot on there back I take a dog brush and scratch it softly on that time that dog will get used to the brush since it was helping her "itch her back" lol My dog got used to it:)

If Carmel is still a growing pup say about 3-7months....It will take time to get them used to it..Trust me

Member 1002749 answered on 4/4/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I found a great brush in the cat section. I have had it for many many years. My dog is 10 1/2 yrs old and I bought it originally for my Rex rabbits. Rex rabbits have the plush hair that needs a great brush. And my Boston loves this brush because he has sensitive skin and he does not like brushing either. This brush does not irritate them or my dog. The brush says
le SALON.(small letters then caps)
it is wooden handle and white soft bristles.
you might be able to find it online somewhere.
like I said I have had it for many years.
It is on the small size but nice.
someone has to still make them.

I also bought some really nice things on a site but I am so tired right now I can't think of the name.
maybe? if you want it I can look for it. But, I know what you are saying all the brushes in petco and petsmart are sharp bristles and the furminator is sharp too.

You might even look online for a goat show store. they might have for soft fur

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Billie Bob

I'm assuming she doesn't have any skin issues, anything that is making it uncomfortable for her? This may sound odd, but we wipe our dogs down with a soft terry cloth rag, not only does this bring out the shine in them, but it makes them so soft... This in an old trick I learned from the horse racing circuit. Many groomers use terry cloth rags to give the race horses that gorgeous shine. It actually sharpens the hair follicles. It you are trying to remove tangles, a very wide toothed comb may work for that. But, as for brushing - you won't get a better shine then you will with the terry cloth. And she may find it invigorating and actually like it! I know my dogs love it!!!

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I use mohair brushes. They are soft and dogs don't seem to mind them.

I'm going to give that rag thing a try. It sounds very interesting. I would imagine it would remove dirt build up, as well as hair.

Very interesting concept.

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