How can i cut my dogs hair without her freaking out on me?

I Tried to cut my dogs hair with some clippers, The clippers are very quiet.. she was squirming and barking and biting me while i was trying to cut her hair. I dont know how to calm her down and get her used to the idea.

Asked by Elsie on Aug 21st 2008 in Home Grooming
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I will tell you how I trained Maya to sit through a full grooming. :)

Have your dog sit in a quiet room, and set the clippers on the floor as close as you can without her getting too anxious. The clippers are OFF at this point. Feed her treats and tell her what a good girl she is for sitting next to the scarey clippers. Do this several times a day for short amounts of time, maybe only a minute or two.

Next you can graduate to holding the clippers while they are off.... then to holding the clippers while they are on.

Turn the clippers on for only ten second intervals. ONLY feed her treats while the clippers are on at this point. Turn them off, and the treats stop coming.

Soon, she will see the clippers as an opportunity for cookies!

Continue to increase the amount of time the clippers are turned on and eventually you can put them on her rear, then her back and so on.

You'll know if you're moving too fast if she freaks out again. Good luck!


Maya answered on 8/21/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer

Karlie R.I.P October 12th 07

Hey, Elsie as much as I HATE to say this if the suggestion above falls through you may have to sedate her with a pill, what else can ya do!?!? But....you can also hand her off to the groomers but I think that that will frighten her evn more :S

Karlie R.I.P October 12th 07 answered on 8/22/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer