How can I clean my house of roundworms?

My puppy has roundworms! I just read that anywhere he has been in the house now has roundworms.... eggs n stuff. As I have another dog as well as children in the home, this must be corrected immediately! How can I clean my home of roundworm eggs??? Thank you in advance!

Asked by Member 555783 on Jan 8th 2008 Tagged roundworm, puppy, house, cleaning in Health & Safety
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Roundworms are probably the most common type of parasite found in dogs, especially puppies. Pups can get them in utero, while nursing, and by coming in contact with roundworm eggs outside. The eggs can live for many years and the most common way dogs (and children) get roundworm is by eating dirt.

It not that likely that "anywhere he has been in the house" will have eggs now. The eggs are expelled with your pup's feces, so unless he is rolling in them and then rolling around your house, the chances of having roundworm eggs all over the place are very slim.

It's important to practice good hygiene. If your dog goes potty indoors, confine him to an area that is easily cleaned until he has a clear bill of health from your vet.

You can use an aqueous iodine solution to kill the eggs. Steam-cleaning your carpeting and washing the floors should be enough prevention, as well as washing hands and maybe cleaning your puppy's behind if that is a worry for you.

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Roundworms are an instestinal parasite, meaning that they are much more concentrated inside of a dog, not outside of a dog. Roundworm eggs are expelled in your dog's stool and are also found in the soil/leaves/plants outside. Many wild animals have roundworms which means that when they poop, the roundworms are expelled there. That is why roundworms are most often contracted from eating something off the ground or licking the soil.

But roundworms are very simple to prevent!

Just practice basic good hygiene. Vaccuum your house and mop the floors regularly. Disinfect all of your household surfaces regularly. Wipe your dog's feet with a clean, damp rag before he comes inside. Wash your hands often. I would also get your dog started on some worm preventative medication from your veterinarian. It is worth every penny. I use TriHeart Plus which prevents heartworms and all other intestinal worms. I also use Frontline Plus to prevent fleas/ticks (potential cause of intestinal parasites).

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