How can I always Be Entertained while my owners are away?

My mommie is busy sometimes so I have to be stuck in the backyard for up to 4 hours alone. I have a bad barking habit. I am really esailly entertained but I think I need a new friend.(like another doggie)My momie REALLY wants to spend time with me but cant. Is this a good idea?

Asked by Mya on Jun 15th 2011 Tagged adoption, bark, backyard, dog in Other Adoption & Rescue
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If you don't have time for ONE dog you certainly do not have time for two!!!! Getting another dog without time to properly exercise and train it will only result in TWO bored, barking dogs stuck in the backyard.
I would suggest you find some time to give Mya some proper attention and exercise. A lab needs a minimum of two hours of exercise a day, and being alone in the back yard is not considered exercise. Swimming, fetch games, bike rides or even long walks will help, but if as you say you do not have time for her it would be MUCH more humane for you to place her with someone who will give her the exercise and time she needs rather than think about adding another dog.
Dogs are not like cats...they need constant attention and exercise and interaction with their people, not being left in the back yard to fend for themselves. If they do not get this attention they will develop behaviors such as barking or chewing to entertain themselves. Two dogs will bark twice as loud and get in

Member 641257 answered on 6/15/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


To the previous answerer, 4 hours is not that long to be stuck outside as long as they are kept an eye on and securely fenced. I doubt all good dog owners are able to spend 24/7 with their beloved pet. Some people do not have a guardian for their beloved pet 24/7 and it is not reasonable to ask someone to do as such. As long as they have clean water available and a dog house, they should be a-okay.

Now, to address the poster, another doggy friend, particularly if that dog is of the other sex, will keep them well entertained.(Please spay and neuter your pet!) Our wolf dogs play back and forth and absolutely love each others company. But that is no substitution for a good daily walk or play session with their human pal.

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I agree with Toto, sorry Koda. Adding another dog to the equation does not somehow fix the boredom or barking situation with the first dog. Instead you end up with 2 under-exercised, bored barking dogs. It's OK for dogs to be alone of course, but meet their exercise requirements....tired dog is a happy dog. Adding a second dog will not meet the exercise requirement.... stick 2 dogs alone in a yard for 4 hours...they'll play for a little bit, but after a while they get bored of that and just stand around (or look for other things to get into).

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If it's just four hours or less every few days that's not too bad in my opinion, my question is why does she have to be in the backyard? She would probably bark less indoors. If she gets into stuff inside maybe try limiting her to one room that you can keep clean and doggie proof. Or really think about getting another dog. Consider all the costs, monetary and otherwise. If I were in your situation and could afford it I would love to have a second dog. I would go to the shelter and get an adult with some basic training who matched the energy level of my current dog and make sure they got along together so that it wouldn't add a lot of work for me. But you have to want it for you too, you can't get a dog for your dog because she won't be the one caring for it.

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People think that getting another dog will help the problem, but it really just makes it worse becuase now you have 2 dogs to take care of.

I give my dog plenty of toys (Big Dogs LOVE kongs, you fill them up with treats or peanut butter and they try to get them out) and rubber toys and stuff, toys, toys, toys, and more toys!

I would also try excersizing her more, yoiu know, playing fetch, etc. Maybe this will tire her out while you are away!

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