How big will my German Shepherd / Siberian Husky get?

My shepherd/husky is about 12 weeks old and I believe is around 35 pounds. At just 8 weeks he was already 20 lbs. His mother was full Siberian husky and his father was a white shepherd. Physically, he appears more husky than shepherd and same personality wise (so stubborn!-but I love him regardless). I don't know if this matters but his paws are huge and his ears have been standing since before 8 weeks.

Asked by Member 1167617 on Apr 28th 2013 Tagged husky, germanshepherd, puppy, size, grow in Mixed Breeds
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Husky males are usually between 45 and 60 pounds and GSDs are usually between 70 and 100. I would guess he'd be somewhere between 55 and 85 pounds full grown(happy medium of the two), but there's always the chance he'll end up on the higher end of the spectrum or the lower.

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