How big should a mini dachshund get. How much should they weigh around 3 months

Asked by Member 796797 on Jan 25th 2009 in Puppies
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Zackintosh CJ

A miniature dachshund should be around 10-12 pounds.
It doesn't matter how much they weigh, just if they're overweight or not.
Look at the dog from the side and top.
If it has a discernible "waist" between its stomach and hindquarters, and you can feel (But not easily see) its ribs and backbone, and you can't feel any fat "padding" around its back and tail, then its a healthy weight.
If you can easily see bones or not feel any fat, then its probably underweight.
If you can't feel its ribs and can't see any "waist" then its overweight, and needs to be fed less.

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