How bad is it for a puppy to eat goose poop?

We live near a pond that is home to many, many large Canadian Geese and an assortment of ducks.When we go out for walks, Hush can't control her curiosity and has taken a mouthful of their droppings a few times. We usually catch her and get it out of her mouth in time, will walk really quickly past the particularly bad spots, or use some verbal distraction which seems to work but sometimes she manages to swallow it. Does anyone know of any health concerns that I should be aware of, associated with eating goose poop?

Asked by Hush on Nov 21st 2010 in Health & Wellness
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you should go to this website.. and it will tell you everything you need to know.. Hoped I helped!:)

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Eating any animal poop is not good for a puppy. All kinds of bacteria and parasites are in there.

Since she is leashed - I hope on a 6 foot regular leash - not a flexi (they should be banned).

Keep her at your side at all times. Even if you are allowing her to sniff, she'd be 6 foot or more away from the poop. I'm sure you don't want to step in it anyway.

Using distractions is a great idea! Up the value by bringing a favorite toy or a few tiny treats. Keep her attention on you while you pass the birds and their droppings. Reward her for progress (and being so gosh darn adorable!)

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Poop is no good but it's pretty easy to get a dog to "watch me." for a distraction. Just keep some treats in a fanny pack or your pockets. Whenever Your dog starts to go for the treat say watch me as you're treating her. Worked for my puppy with her aggressive barking at other animals. She's more interested in treats. Also don't give your dog lots of slack on the leash so you're able to pull her away, it's much harder to do on a flexi leash (Those leashes are terrible walking leashes). Just last week someone was passing me with a flexi leash and couldn't keep her dog under control from jumping on my dog and puppy. My older dog "Defended" us and bit that dog before I could stop him. All because she had waaaay too much slack and couldn't pull her dog back. Good luck! =)

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Eating goose poop is one of the easiest ways to get giardia. Only way easier might be eating beaver poop. This is more of an issue with a puppy since their immune system isn't as developed and they are less likely to be able to resist the giardia.
I would definitely teach both a watch me command and a leave it command, and perhaps carry her by this area until she learns these commands 100%.

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