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How 2 Leash Train A Deaf Dog?

Trapper is deaf and really fat! Every time we go for a walk he pulls on the leash and almost chokes himself. When we get back he throughs up! Its really hard to leashtrain a deaf dog. I try to train him but he can't hear what I am saying! Please, Please help me!

Asked by ♥ Lillie ♥ on Jan 22nd 2009 in Behavior & Training
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Bam-Bam, CGC

Bam-Bam is trained by voice command and hand signals, so it is possible to train based on signals.

Teach your dog to sit with a hand signal. Hold the treat in your hand above its head and move your hand backwards above its head. This should put your dog in a sit. Once you've taught this, you can give a flat palm for stay.

Put your dog in a sit. Start out and take 3 steps, after 3 they go into hunt mode. Stop (you can create a signal for this), and put your dog in a sit. Repeat. Continue doing this until you work up the amount of steps you are taking. Once you get to a point you are taking tons of steps without pulling, if Trapper pulls, turn around and walk the opposite direction.

We initially trained Bam-Bam on a leash a different way and it helped, but this method really fine turned it. Good luck. I hope how I explained it made sense!

You could also look into the gentle leader harness as a tool for this! But you do need to learn how to teach hand signals.

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