Housebroken puppy peeing on carpet but pooping outside Why?

Chewie is a 4 month old mixed breed puppy who is half housebroken. I say that because she seems to understand that if she has to poop, she needs to sit by the door and whine. However, she doesn't do the same thing when she has to pee. She'll do it once in a while when she has too pee, but not every time. As a result, we take her out on a regular schedule to pee. Despite that, she still prefers to pee on on a particular rug rather than go outside. Sometimes she'll pee on the rug 10 minutes after she's peed outside. Other times, she'll pee on the rug even if she's had no water since the last time she peed. It's also worth noting that on occasion, between trips outside and accidents on the rug, she's peed 8 times in one hour. (And yes, we've gotten her checked out by our vet and she's medically okay...) Any reason why she would prefer peeing on this rug as to going outside? And- why does she know to wait by the door if she has to poop but not if she has to pee?

Asked by Chewie on Dec 29th 2008 Tagged pee, poop, accident in House Soiling
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Chewie isn't housebroken yet, but she is young and doing well with the poop "signals"! (Congrats!)

Some tips that may help you:
a) Get an enzymatic cleaner and clean the spot she pees on really well. Dogs have much better smelling senses than we do and unless you get it out, she'll be likely to keep peeing on it.

b) If you wash the rug in a machine, add some vinegar to help remove smells.

c) Don't punish Chewie for peeing inside. If you see her going, quickly pick her up (midstream) and rush her outside. Ask her to do her job (whatever you call it - pee, tinkle... whatever your cue word is for peeing) and lavishly reward her. Keep treats in your pocket to give her when she goes outside like you want.

d) Pick an area in the yard for pee/poo. Same spot each time.

e) Puppies need to pee often and especially after napping, playing, eating and drinking...

f) Watch for her sniffing the floor like she was in your video halfway through. That's a signal she needs to go.

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