House training problems with rescue JR/Yorkie 18 month old dog. Had doggie door and fenced yard at rescue & pee pads.

I spent the first week taking her out to designated area for potty on leash. Then used lead, but stayed out to praise her, and how she goes out on lead alone. However, she is still wetting in house on or odd of pee pads. I put her out often during day, and get up at night when she seems to want to go out. There shouldn't be any reason for "accidents" and I don't want to keep pee pads out for the rest of her life. I want her to be outside trained. When left alone in a gated area for a length of time, she doesn't eliminate in that small area. What else can I do? We love her, but we can't have our house ruined either. Please help!!!

Asked by Member 893898 on Jan 29th 2013 Tagged housetraining in Behavior & Training
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