Home cooked meal recipes for my corgi mixes.

My 6 year old corgi/ german shep mix had surgery in March for a perineal hernia. He is starting to show signs of discomfort while trying to poo again. I want to change his diet to home cooked. Is Low residue diet the way to go with his problem? What is the best foods to prepare for dogs? I'd like to feed him twice a day. I also have a Corgi/ Basset hound who id like to cook for as well. Is there different things the two dogs will need? As in he needs a lot of fiber she may not need.

What is safe for dogs? I have a pretty big list of things I already know as I have had dogs my entire life but I would like actual recipe ideas. Thank you.

I am just looking for ideas that will be ran past his vet. He is currently on metamucil and the vet said it is bulking him up to much and causing pain. They had advised me to research recipes online for home cooked meals for my dogs.

Asked by Member 1129741 on Sep 7th 2012 in Homemade Food
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My best advice would be to go to the Main Forums board & repost this in the Home Cooked forum. You will get a lot more responses.
One thing you may want to try is swapping the metamucil for cooked pumpkin. Not pie filling, just plain pumpkin. It is good for both firming up stools,as well as softening them.

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