Hip Dysplasia.... Yorkie is now limping...HOW CAN i POP HIS HIP BACK INTO PLACE FOR HIM??

like a year or so ago the vet said my yorkie may have hip dysplasia. We never had any problems with it... He uses doggie steps to get on the bed...but like a goof....she jumps off the

Anyways..this past 6mths we are on our 2nd insident. He wsa limpin and I rub his back hip for a good hr. and the next day or so he was back to butt racing around. BUT this time...he is not even walkin on his hind leg.....I was wondering if anyone had any tips or information they can give me about it?? If I can help his joint go back into place? And if there is anything that I can give him to help?? I was givin him sum kinda treats to help but he got really gassy!! PLEASE HELP thanks so much for your time!!

Asked by Member 907406 on Feb 18th 2010 in Health & Wellness
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This is not a fix it yourself project... you dog needs at the very least, an x-ray to determine any damage to his joint as well as probable anesthesia to relax the muscle in order to get his hip back where it belongs, ASSUMING it is really his hip that is the problem. A more common condition affecting Yorkies presenting pretty much the same symptoms is a luxating patella, AKA a dislocated kneecap. If these are recurring conditions, you dog most likely will need surgery to prevent any further damage to his joints. Please see your vet as soon as possible!!!!!!!!!

Member 641257 answered on 2/18/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 2 Report this answer


how old?
you need to prevent the dog from getting ontop of anything. Put up kiddie sides found at the children/baby store.
on the bed that is.
The more the dog jumps the more the risk of self injury and making the condition worse.
I know it is hard.
Buy him his own dog bed and place it at the side or foot of bed by you.
Treat inside the bed, use chicken breasts no bones.
tell him no when he begs to get up, place him in bed and treat again.
be persistent. no bed, no couch, I have several dog beds each one belongs to someone.
If you have to buy one for the couch, the bed side, the t.v room ect... Teach him each bed is his place while resting
good luck :)

HD can be genetic, HD is not curable, the only fix is hip joint replacement.
and x ray is the only way to diagnosis.
hope that helps some.

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You need to take your dog to the vet!...This isn't something you can "fix" at home & could cause worse problems if you try!

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Oh my god.

For real?

Dogs' hips don't "pop" back into place without there being a serious issue going on.

Read this carefully:


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