Help with my hyperactive husky

I have a 1yr old husky/wolf mix. I knew when getting him, training was going to be difficult. I have done reading on his breed, and he fits every characteristic of the siberian huskies. He is hyper, and can get very anxious when left alone. For this we have done crate training. But he is very, very hyper. I walk him everynight in hopes of calming him down some, we also play fetch, and spend many hours outside. But his hyperness is starting to turn off some guests. He likes to jump and not listen. If there is something he wants behind a closed door he will do anything to find a way in. He is becoming destructive. He doesn't like to listen, we have worked on no, and done research on voice inflection, but he is very stubborn and purposfully does not listen. He was also fixed back in December. I do not want to make my dog submissive or less like himself, i just need to tone it down before things gets worse. Any helpful advice please, or at least a point in the right direction. Thank you!

Asked by Member 1041423 on Jul 26th 2013 Tagged hyper, behavior, training, destructive, calm in Other Behavior & Training
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His age and his persistently goal-oriented breeds are converging to create maximum naughtiness. As you know, huskies are selective about listening and SMART. I try to make my dog want to do what I want her to do. She is a chow hound, so I dangle string cheese in her face and she suddenly becomes more motivated to listen. Some dogs respond to a ball, a treat, lots of praise, etc. I give commands in a really happy and excited tone that sounds and feels ridiculous, but works. I smile when I tell my dog what to do, and since she wants to please me, she does it (mostly).I prompt her to leave it and wait to see if she'll do what I want before gently pulling her leash, for instance. I reserve my very serious voice for emergencies (aggressive dogs, running toward traffic).

The destruction is likely boredom. Try puzzle toys and lots of varied exercise: dog park, hiking, obedience class for sure, swims in a dog pool. When he starts to become anxious or naughty, channel the energy immediately

Libby answered on 7/26/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 2 Report this answer


Contact and hire an experienced dog trainer for his behavior issues.

Also, exercise him. Huskies crave activity and that's what he needs, more exercise. Take him for 3-5 mile walks/runs/bike rides a day, take him to the dog park if he's good with other dogs and let him run around and play for an hour or so, take him to a big fenced in baseball field or tennis court at a park and let him run around and take some toys to fetch for him, do flirt pole with him (great easy exercise), play long games of fetch with him, take him for long hikes.

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Obedience is the key to keeping your pup’s aggressive tendencies docile. You need to establish yourself as the pack leader for your pup. Create a situation in which your pup looks to you for guidance through proper training. If your pup’s problems are extreme, you may need to consider an actual obedience school for them. But as long as you teach your pup from the get-go that you are number one, they will respond well to you, and hopefully stay out of trouble on the playground.

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Unfortunately the whole pack leader theory jsnt effective with independent breeds like huskys.if u r going to hire a trainer make sure they have husky experience and plan on using a different training method. The pack leader idea was based on wolf behavior but the behavior was observed with wolves in captivity. In the wild wolves live in actually blood related family like a mom and dad and babies. Wearing him out before guests come is a good idea. Another idea would be give him a big raw bone from the butcher with meat on it that he is going to take alot of time to eat. This will keep him busy while ur guests r over.

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Huskies are super smart and need to run. Put on some roller blades or jump on a bike and get moving. They get bored very easily and then tend to get into trouble. Find some fun activities. Dog park, obedience class, agility. The number one thing is running. That's what they are bred to do.

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