Help with Australian Shepperd. Agresive or wants Attention?? Please Help!!

I have a 4 months old puppy, he has lots of toys and I constantly play with him. When I go out he will just start jumping on me, like "hugging" me and biting not only my clothes but my skin too causing me a couple of times scratches that bleed. He is an Australian Sheperd wich I think is not an agressive breed. What can I do?? Im not relly sure if this is agresiveness or simply wanting to cathc my attention. I have already tried ordering himto stop calmly, shouting, slaping softly his nose, pushing him away. Halp please???

Asked by Member 1103557 on Apr 1st 2012 Tagged agressiveness, playfulness in Behavior & Training
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He mainly just wants attention. You can use these training tips or simply hire a trainer to curve him of these habits. When he jumps, you can cover his nose with your hand and say "Off" in a kind but firm voice once until his front paws touch the ground and instantly let go and praise. For the biting simply say no.

Rocket answered on 4/1/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Bruno CGC

Aussies actually are known for being nippy, especially as puppies. As a herding breed, they have a strong desire to chase and nip at fast-moving objects, including you. Jumping up is a general puppy behavior, they all do it until taught otherwise.

What I'd do is teach him "sit" and praise/reward him for sitting instead of jumping when he wants attention. Also, teaching a "get a toy!" command is really handy with mouthy dogs- whenever he mouths you, put a toy in his mouth instead, say "get a toy!" and play a little tug, soon you'll have a dog that runs and gets one on command. Toy in mouth equals a dog who can't nip you.

Bruno CGC answered on 4/1/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


Nipping/biting, although it does not excuse it at all, yes - its normal for puppies/Aussie puppies in particular. This "hugging" you... is it at all perhaps trying to mount you? [such as squeezing your leg with his front paws?] That could be possible dominance issues that would need to be confronted...

Shasta answered on 4/5/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer