Help! What should I do if I feel my dog food is contaminated and not on the recall list?

I read that other dog foods are being investigated. My dog has all the signs: Sluggishness, loss of appetite, jaundice eyes, yellow gums and belly, vomitting, dark brown urine. She had an xray done of her stomach and her liver, spleen and kidney are enlarged. She also had bloodwork done and her enzyme levels for her liver and kidney were off the charts high. She is being treated by her vet & is showing some signs of improvement. I started her on a new dog food on Sat. Sept.4 (Purina Pro Plan Chicken Senior. Ten days later she stopped eating it and then showed all the above symptoms. I still have the dog food and would like to have it tested, but I'm not sure how. I called the FDA & they were no help, infact very rude. I strongly feel this food is contaminated. My vet says it's a possibility and only told me to call the food company. What should I do?
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Asked by Member 507362 on Oct 1st 2007 Tagged contaminated, dogfood, sickdog in Pet Food Recalls
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That is a really, really good question.

First, the most important thing is obviously that your dog is getting better with treatment. That is great news, and here's to your dog's continued improvement!

Unfortunately, you are dealing with a situation in which nobody really wants to take responsibility for the problems with the food. From the initial complaints and the lag time from finding out to pulling the food to the grossly inaccurate count of dogs and cats affected in the US, the FDA has not been great about dealing with this issue, in my opinion.

You could contact the science lab at your local university and see if they have the means to test the food. You might have to pay for it, but if you got independent results, you could confront the dog food company with these results.

Still, I'm afraid that you are at the mercy of a system that really just doesn't value the life and health of a dog or other pet.

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What is your plan for feeding your dog? Prior to the dog food scare my boxer had very similar issues for a very long period of time. We even changed him to a allergy free formula and no luck. My vet never suggested the battery of test. So I made the committment to cook for my dogs. Within a very short time all of the physcial symptoms were gone.
Sounds like you contacted the appropriate authorities. I would send them a certified letter with all of your Vet reports and go from there.

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I am assuming your pet is a senior so you can not jump to conclusions as far as the dog food is concerned. If you go to their website or call Purinas 800 number I am sure they will be able to answer all of your questions. A majority of their ingredients comes from the U.S. Unless this is a new issue to date they have had 2 foods recalled and they were both wet and contained gravy. In all of the cases I have seen regarding the recall none of the patients were jaundice. I would get more advice from your vet or a second opinion. Is there a possibility that a she could have been poisioned by something else?
Hope this helps

margie answered on 10/1/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Ceridwen's Cordial Medoc

The others have already written most of the answer, but I've to say that above all industrial foods can be dangerous for dogs. They're not good for them because dogs are carnivorous and industrial food is made of cereals. My bitch is dead of industrial food, and now I feed with BARF. That's the better food for a carnivorous pet. In all case natural food prepared myself at home. Dogs love it, are more healthy and live longer.
Excuse me for my faults of English (I'm French)and hope your dog will be better.

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