Help us find this dog's owner or an adoptive home please. OKCHound/Cattle Dog Mix
Would you please help me post this found dog widely. Yesterday, on I-35 by Frontier City Amusement Park (mm 137 to mm 135), N Oklahoma City I spent about an hour calling for assistance to help get this dog off the I-35 (trapped in crazy traffic). The dog was very purposefully heading south along with traffic. It was so diligent in getting southbound I couldn't help it, so I called for assistance. It took animal control at least a half hour with two cars/staff and OKC PD assistance. Now, I just really want to help this dog get home. OKC Shelter, processed already.Please spread this photo out if you have friends located anywhere in Oklahoma or nearby states. The dog's feet were worn from travel and it wanted to get home. Not sure if it was going right direction or not, but coming from north and heading south. Only 40 hours to find owner or be adopted it appears. Sweet girl!

Asked by Member 1152091 on Jan 26th 2013 Tagged okc in Adoption & Rescue
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