HELP!? Possible legal issues for the future? (FIRST POST DID NOT WORK RIGHT, SORRY!)

Hoping someone will have a bit of insight on this situation. We have been looking after a dog within the community on a regular basis when ever she gets off her chain for the past 10 years. Well, recently the dog got off her chain and when we seen her she was in awful condition. We took her in (I'm pretty sure she is in the end stages of cancer and very malnourished/dehyderated) and we took care of her overnight. The dog went back home the next day, although the travel was very difficult for her. She returned two days later, and has not left our house, with exception for her pee breaks which we routinely do for her. We are not keeping her against her will. She has been at our place for 5 days now, and we have sent a message to her owner as to where she is along with our phone number.

Asked by Member 1149720 on Jan 13th 2013 Tagged dog, owner, laws, cancer, dying, qualityoflife, help in Animal Welfare
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You know, that's probably their way of surrendering her. You could go to their home, let them know she's with you, that you love her, that you're willing to get medical attention for her. Then write up a simple document stating that they give up ownership to you and describing the dog, including her name, breed, and color/markings and ask them to sign.

A few months ago, I had some issues with a neighbor dog who lived on a chain and I was referred to this rescue in my home state (Michigan). They gave me some great talking points. You can contact them via this website:

That dog came to you because she believes you are her people. She is certainly deserving of the home you're providing, particularly at her advanced age. Probably her previous owners also know this. Bless you for taking her in!

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Otis - Dachhund mix

This dog has come to you because she knows you are special - dogs know when they are 'going' and she has picked you to be with when her time comes. You have shown her kindness and compassion - she doesn't want to know anyone else. You are good people.

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