HELP!!! My Mini Dachshund may have bred with a Sheltie.

FIRST off let me state that I do plan to take her to the Vet to determine if she is in fact pregnant... But I'm not going to be able to sleep tonight unless I hear from another Doxie owner.

My neighbors Shetland Sheepdog (Sheltie) got into my back yard and was with my mini Doxie Riley. Riley WAS in heat and I had debated on either breeding her, as she does come from breeding lineage or spaying her... I had decided I would spay her after her heat cycle. I know I procrastinated too long, but this was not a rush, as she is our only little girl, and I did not think there would be a risk. BOY WAS I WRONG!

Anyway, I am seeing her get a little chunky now and while I thought I caught them before they actually "did the deed" I am scared that she may have gotten pregnant. This was about 5 weeks ago now. I believe the Sheltie to be under 20 pounds and my Riley is about 7-8 or so.

I am worried about putting her through the surgery at this late stage of pregnancy, if in fact she is pregnant... BUT I am also worried that letting her whelp the pups will kill her.

Anyone have any experience or advice PLEASE help me... She is my world... I love her very, VERY much! I can not believe I let this happen... Believe me I've kicked myself a 1000 times over for it!!!

Asked by Member 1179374 on Jul 9th 2013 Tagged miniaturedachshund, sheltie, shetlandsheepdog, pregnancy, birth, puppiestoobig, pregnancies, labor, spay, abortion, csection, cessariansection in Health & Wellness
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