Help! My mini Aussie puppy is so obsessed with eating the snow she is too distracted to go to the bathroom when outside.

We have tried putting her on a leash and not letting her run around the yard but she just walks around in circles eating and licking the snow. She has plenty of fresh water available. How do we get her to focus on going potty?

Asked by Member 1144481 on Dec 9th 2012 Tagged miniaussie, snoweating, distracted, pottytraining in Australian Shepherd
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Focusing is a big issue that my mini aussie still has trouble with. Definetly continue with the leash, if she's stopped to eat snow tug her along and keep on going. If she doesn't go potty within the first 5 minutes take her back inside. Wait 5 minutes then leash her up and take her out again and give her the command "go potty" or whatever you use, repeat until she goes then give her a treat and praise her like she just cured cancer. You may have to do this many times but this is part of being a puppy parent! You have to make it understood that potty time is not "lets eat snow time" potty first then snow cones. This is gonna take some work on your part but stick with it the purpose of going outside is to go potty first, then play. If she's skipping ahead to play take her back inside, Puppies are curious and have very little attention span. Keep in mind that she wants to please you!
- Cisco's mom

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