HELP!! My Husky's behavior

My Siberian Husky, Eclair has fasted for 36hours because of diarrhea, and since then when it comes to meal time, he sees me preparing it and he goes nuts! He jumps, runs around, and barks when he sees the food. He use to be able to sit and wait while I do this but ever since he fasted he goes crazy over his food, and now he doesn't even chew it. He just swallows and burps afterwards. Is that normal? And also when I'm just standing there holding the leash he would jump onto me randomly and keep jumping when i turn around and now i have holes in my shirt!

Asked by Eclair on Jul 25th 2013 Tagged jumping, eating, swallowing, food, husky, siberianhusky, help, puppy in Jumping Up
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Tasha (in memory)

You have posted a couple of times about his poor behavior. You need to focus on the basics like sit, stay and come. Huskies can be destructive and will increase your insurance rates if not well trained. If you are not familiar with dog training, enroll him in a puppy class. Every time he does something well, give him a treat like Nutro crunchies in peanut butter flavor. If you need to separate him from the food when you are making it if he does not behave, so be it. Do NOT reward him for his jumping by giving him food after that. Make him sit and wait, or he will not be learning anything regarding improper actions. If he is gulping too much, you can buy a portion pacer for his bowl. Make sure he is well-trained now before the holes turn to tears and he can't socialize well with others. ^_^

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