HELP! My hubs dog had to be put down yesterday from Parvo, I have 3 little dogs at home not sure if they had some or no

Asked by Member 1077593 on Dec 14th 2011 Tagged vaccines, dogs, health, parvo in Vaccinations
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You can call your vet and ask to have them tested for parvo. It is like a heartworm test really. They take a blood sample or something along those lines and then they test it and you will know in about 10 mins or so. If you can't go get them tested, look for symptoms that they have parvo. Diarrhea and vomiting are the most common I believe. You can look up more warning signs as I am sure there are more.

Hopefully this helps! Sorry for your loss and I hope none of your other dogs have parvo. Getting them the shots to protect against parvo when they were puppies and getting the needed booster shots annually would have helped and most likely you would not be in this position. But whats done is done. Good luck!

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