HELP!! my dog is scared of everything what can i do. if you try and give her something she will run

OK im having a problem with my dog. Shes scared of everything when not in the house. like when shes in the house her tail is up and shes jumping around happy dog. but when it is walk time she get on the leash no problems and strait out the door to the same area in front of my yard pee and poop then strait back in. she will not go on a normal walk and even when out the house her tail is ALWAYS between legs. and when people come over she is hidden under the desk or right next to me. and when i take her out one little sound like car door slamming or someone leaving there house and she YANKS all the way to the door and will not use the bathroom. my mom came over and i took her out to show her off and she peed ALL Over the place. i was thinking because the first day i got her she broke loose and got lost for 2 days. eventually she came back but ever since then anxiety always. and if you bring something new to the house like anything clothes, shoes, paintings, whatever she is scared. HELP ME

Asked by Freckles on May 13th 2009 Tagged anxiety, tail, problem in Behavior & Training
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Buster was like that at first. (Rescued Pit)
Expose her to as much as you can.... step by step. When she acts scared of something do not enforce it act like nothing is wrong.
Here comes the hard part patience!!!
First of all love her and that will get her to trust in you. Have people give treats when they come to you're house. When something scares her do not make a fuss just stay confident and take it a little bit farther each time. Always have treats. Walk for a bit then sit down with her -give a treat, maybe a bit farther and lie on the grass-give her a treat. By all means do not give into her fears wait them out until she has returned back into the normal world and proceed back home.
You have a long road to go down, but it is well worth it.
Good luck

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Josie Rock

My rescue pup was similar also, but she's a lab mix. What I did was bring a small bag of treats on very short (like two house down) walks. Every few steps, give her a treat. Also, when she's in the house (her obvious comfort zone) praise her for being "brave" when she smells something new or doesn't react to a noise. Making the things that scare her not scarey is key. Also, I put Josie on Prosac for 6 months, and then slowly weened her off. I was able to socialize her a lot better when she wasn't terrified all the time. (It's on most $4 presciption lists, so the cost isn't too much.) Hope this helps! Woof :)

Josie Rock answered on 5/13/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


You need to teach your dog positive association.
Whenever she sees something she is afraid of when you go for your walks, bring some bits of cooked chicken or hot dog, and give them to her when she sees whatever it is that she's scared of (everything apparently! bol!)

Eventually she'll learn to associate the reward and she will learn not to be afraid. It will take some work, but you really need to work on it with her, or your going to end up having a dog that is fearful of everything always.. and as we all know, fear can turn into aggression! I'm sure you can fix her problem you just have to work at it.

Good luck!

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If she was lost for two days and was probally experiencing things like no other day. The ordeal was overwhelming for her.
How long ago did this happen? May take a few weeks for her to relax outside again. Dogs don't forget a whole lot. So start off slow. Take her out on leash, prepare ahead of time one large cooked chicken breast, diced, put into a baggie. Walk her out in middle of yard slowly toss two pieces away from you, encourage her to find them. Move around the yard doing that, when she finds a piece, make a big to do about it. Work on that then in a week expand the area past the yard. Feed her pieces as she takes steps. This will help build confidence. You can do this inside house as well, have a leash on her and tether her to your waist. let her follow you around like that, feed her when she is acting normal. If she freaks out, then walk, say nothing. You reward only the behavior you want:)

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Buy this book Help For Your Fearful Dog by Nicole Wilde.

Jake answered on 3/2/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer