Help me! My puppy Is A Seria Whiner!

I have a white shepherd 7 months old, I understand shepherds are a very vocal breed my puppy takes his whining way over the top! He whines constantly no matter what he is doing for what seems to be no reason.
He is getting enough exercise;Two 2 hour long walks a day, tons of playing fetch & running around in the yard with me. I take him out to train a couple times a day for him mental stimulation. He has got chew toys, kongs in the house to keep him busy when he is inside with me. I have taken him to the vet recently for a checkup in case he was reacting to some sort of pain or allergy vet said he was 100% healthy & blood tests were all normal.
I am completely out of ideas, we don’t reward the whining. We have ignored the whining completely for months (vet & pro trainer told us to because he wanted attention) Needless to say ignoring him doesn’t work at all, he just get louder. Telling him no doesn’t work, redirecting his attention doesnt work. I am not a bad mommy :( Please help me

Asked by Apollo on Jan 16th 2010 in Barking
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