Help! I bought a 3 year old Jack Russell from a shelter about a month and a half ago. He has severe separation anxiety.

Asked by Member 1135796 on Oct 14th 2012 Tagged pottytraining, separationanxiety, shelterdog, generalizedanxiety, strangeranxiety, poop, kenneltraining in Bringing Your Pet Home
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Harper Lee

I'm sorry to hear about the dog's anxiety. That's very hard on everyone. The good news is that his anxiety will probably lessen in the next few months with love and patience. He needs a routine that will make him understand how his day is going to be and that you will come back to him. Try to feed him, walk him, let him out into the yard etc at the same time everyday if possible. It will take a little while but should help soothe him. You can also try a thunder shirt. Those are good for all types of anxiety. Maybe you can give him a special toy only when you leave-like a peanut butter filled Kong- so that your departure starts taking on positive connotations. Good luck!

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