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My 4 month old Golden retriever puppy looks little skiny. I have increased his diet but he just doesn't seem to gain weight. He is very active and eats well.

Asked by Daisy on Aug 15th 2014 Tagged weightissue in Other Health & Wellness
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A normally growing large breed puppy should be lean. A roly poly pup leads to an adult dog with premature bone and joint problems, especially in active breeds such as the retrievers. Don't forget, most of his life will be as an adult and if paying attention to his weight at this age is done he will likely live a long and pain free life as compared to a life shortened by severe hip and joint issues.
During his entire growing period I kept Quincy lean and fit and it paid off when he passed his hip x-rays with scores in the upper 95% of his breed Penn Hip and an OFA excellent rating. Research has proven that the incidence of hip dysplasia is greatly increased in puppies who are too heavy during their critical growth periods.
A diet with proper ingredients designed for large breed puppies is best for him until he is a minimum of eighteen months. Even after that he should be kept lean and you should be able to easily feel his ribs.
Please do not try to make him a fat puppy!

Quincy answered on 8/18/14. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Are you feeding him a good all natural food without the fillers that some brands tend to have. He may not be getting enough nutrition from his food and that is why he is hungry. Feeding him a large breed formula is recommended for dogs over 50lbs to keep their bones and joints healthy. The phosphorus/calcium ratios have to be the right measures in the large breed formulas. They is usually more glucosamine/chondroitin in the large breed formulas also. Golden's do tend to be lean as they grow. Make sure his food does not have by-products, corn, corn gluten meal, wheat and artificial vitamins and minerals. A dense dry formula will mean your dog will eat less, poop less and less vet bills. Good luck.

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