Have I spoilt my 12 month old boxer

Rocko is my 12 month boxer and I think I may of spoilt him to much he follows me all ova house waits out side toilet door cums in the bathroom sleeps with me if I go to the shop few houses down he stays at the gate till I cum bk and also I noticed he won't let anyone sit with me or cuddle he pushes in the middle and then sit on me same in bed he won't let my kids sit next to me the kids can't play fight with me cause he warns them to stay away and starts biting there bottoms my bf can't touch me at all cause he gets really nasty to him trying to bite but soon as my bf moves he fine

Asked by Rocko on Dec 30th 2012 in Behavior & Training
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We had a male boxer for 12 years. You must be the ALFA leader in your boxers life. I think all dogs need to know who is the leader. However, my husband and I were both the ALFA person in our boxer's life.
You may have to talk with your vet. Or say No, so so and IS going to sit here.
Our boxer loved everyone, so we didn't have this problem. Rocko could be having separation problems, we always left the radio on, while he was in his cage.

answered on Dec 31st.

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