Have any ideas on how to help a boxer who has injured her chest muscle? Her walk is a drag-step with both legs.

9 year old female boxer slipped on ice & apparently tore a muscle in her chest, her walk is a drag-step with both legs on her right side. X-rays show nothing is broken although she is fusing some of her vertebrae and the nerve opening near her tail is non-existent. We have tried time, acupuncture, bowen, and lots of TLC. Just watched the video on the dogs on wheels but it is on one side so I don't think it could work.
Prior to the fall she was very active, ran all around our land chasing chipmunks and squirrels. We are on month 4 and having end time thoughts that I'm not ready for. She eats well, is healthy and happy other than the issue with her legs. We live in a tiny town and don't have access to an MRI.

Asked by Member 965984 on May 2nd 2012 Tagged adultboxer, hurtmuscle, treatment in Senior Pet
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