Have added another dog to two; one is miserable and growling at everyone. Suggestions?

Asked by Member 1166435 on Apr 22nd 2013 in Bringing Your Pet Home
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Which dog is under the bed, the new one.If so, try removing the old dog so the new one can get some attention and explore the home, yard, etc. Close that door but provide him with a safe escape, perhaps a chair he can sit on with a family member. Let the dogs meet slowly, protecting the vulnerable one, whether new or old resident, while letting the other dog know he is still "OK" but growling isn't appropriate. Try the dog whisperer "Tck!" when he growls. It may take a while. We did rescue at one time and this is a delicate process. This dog is going to be part of your permanent pack so take the attitude that everyone's feelings count and everyone needs time to adjust. When it gets too uncomfortable, as with children who can't get along, separate them but don't punish. They each feel threatened. Pat Hartmann

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