Have a British Labrador Retriever who is incredibly anxious and nervous about everything. Thundervest fail, suggestions?

Asked by Cody on May 14th 2013 Tagged anxiousdogs in Health & Wellness
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Why in the world is this dog being offered at public stud if he has this problem??? This is NOT correct temperament for a Labrador Retriever and continuing to produce this type of problem via using him at stud is definitely not something any responsible breeder would ever do! Hopefully he has had his OFA hip and elbow clearances, his DNA EIC testing, Heart clearances, PRA testing and has annual eye clearances, all of which are ALSO things any responsible breeder would do before offering ANY Labrador at stud.
Furthermore, I have flagged your page for offering him at stud thru your page...this is against Dogster policy.
Finally, there is no such thing as a British Labrador Retriever... the entire breed originated in Great Britain and the name of the breed is Labrador Retriever. There are, however, two "types", bench and field, and only differentiate variances such as head shape, size, bone density, etc.

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