muddrella  waters  aka- muddy

has dogster changed the format of dogster local? some of my info. is missing off page.

My dogster local page has info. I put on it missing,also dogs who have marked it their spot have been deleted,I marked it and mine was deleted also.
where it says add attributes,was deleted also.what can I do to fix this?

Asked by muddrella waters aka- muddy on Oct 11th 2007 in Local
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The first thing I would do is to check and make sure that it's not listed twice. Sometimes people add a new listing for a place that is already in Dogster local, so you could be looking at a duplicate of the original listing, which is why certain things would be missing. I haven't noticed any changes to any of the dogster local pages that I have marked, so it could just be an issue with that particular page. If you are sure it is not a duplicate listing, you can always contact HQ directly by using the link at the bottom of any dogster page.

Rudy answered on Oct 11th.

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