Has anyones dog ever had a attack where they fell over and went stiff and then a few mins later was back to normal? Not

My dog was fine all day last Thursday, I gave her a bath, put her in her crate to dry and went out for a couple of hours, came home went to let her out and she went running into the living room, ran around while I was walking to the door then came running to me fell over and got stiff, she turned white, her gums, tounge and her eyes even looked white, I called her name and she moved her eyes to look at me, I picked her up talked to her and she came out of it, I gave her some kayro syrup on her tongue thinking maybe her sugar dropped and gave her water and a peice of chicken, she would eat and drink and use the potty. Friday morning we seen the vet, he said it sounded like she got over excited and didn't sound like she had a seizure and I am wondering if anyone else has dealt with this before?

Asked by Member 301927 on May 27th 2008 Tagged shock, overexcitement, seizures, fainting, goingstiff in Other Behavior & Training
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Sounds like a seizure or a muscle spasm to me. Just to be safe, perhaps a second opinion from a different vet?

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I hope this is helpful...
My dog does something similar. Basically, what would happen was he would fall over, start flailing his legs wildly and then return back to normal. He only did this in warm weather (~80 degrees or so) and after a walk. The attack was prefaced by coughing and drooling. The vet didn't think it was heat stroke. He did an EKG, and tested for Addison's disease. I would have your vet test for Addison's. Buck's test came up negative, and we still have not figured out the problem. However, I have only been walking him in cool weather and, if it is hot outside, I wait until it cools off. I was also told it might be epilepsy, but the vet really doubts it. Good luck with Sweetie! I hope she is ok!

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 Cocoa Bean

Cocoa Bean was the runt of the litter and has experienced what you said before. Sometimes she would be running and hurt her paw and the pain would cause this sort of stiffness of her whole body. She is awake and her whole body is stiff. I usually give her some nutrogel ( but honey works too)and she comes out of it in no more than 5 minutes. After that she acts OK, maybe a bit tired but she never relieves herself or drools like in asevere seizure. The vet told us that this is very common in miniature size dogs when they get too excited, or they are in pain, stressed out, etc. I try to protect Cocoa from being hurt, scared or being hungry since this things have triggered the spasm/stiffness events. Cocoa started having this problems since day 1 and now that she is 3 years old the episodes have gone from 1 every month to once every 4 months or more. Just be prepared with Nutrogel at home, it is hypercaloric and has nutrients that your dog might lose when the episodes occur. Ask your vet.

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My miniature schnauzer experienced this problem along with very rapid breathing when she was at rest, at about 11 years of age. I took her to the vet and she was diagnosed with a Heart Murmur and they put on medication. She was on the medication for the remainder of her life and lived to be 14 years and 3 months. However this may be a symptom of other condidtions. I'd advise that you take Sweetie to your Vet.

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