Has anyone used a WoundWare A-TraC Dynamic Brace for their dog's ACL or CCL injury?

Here's the link

She had a TPLO on her right knee this past Summer. It appears to have worked well, but now she's limping on her left leg, and my vet says there is some instability in her left knee; either a partial tear, or a strain.

Over two months of complete rest, continuation of the Adequan injections she began getting this past spring when she first injured her other leg, Previcox, and Glucosamine supplements have been unsuccessful. I want to avoid putting her through the TPLO experience again, if possible. I'll only do it as a last resort.

The brace would be a couple of hundred bucks, but well woth the expense, in my opinion, if it helps her.

Asked by Lily on Jan 3rd 2012 Tagged tplo, ccl, acl, ligament in Alternative Treatments
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Hello Lily,

As I did my research, I have found out 9 times out of 10 once one knee goes, the other one goes out a little after.

Your pup has suffered through so much! I suggest you try the A-trac brace from woundwear. I had it on my dog Zep and it worked out great!. Not only that I was in constant contact with Dr. Spatt (owner) who gave me good pointers and was very knowledgable.

I put together a video- You can see Zep's progression,

Hope everything works out for your pup!


Member 1094174 answered on 2/22/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


I don't know if you ordered the Woundwear brace or not, but I would Definetly recommend it! It did wonders for my pup! Dr Spatt was very helpful!


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I got the Woundwear Brace for my dog Maddie, and it was a life saver! Our Schnoodle has been wearing the brace for a little over 2 weeks now for a complete tear of her acl. I was thrilled with the improvement she has been making :)

Everyone at Woundwear was extremely helpful answering questions, with sizing, and being there to provide an alternative to surgery. Maddie is able to put weight on the bad leg and I am looking forward to her making more progress in the weeks and months to come. I highly suggest this product to anyone looking for a surgery alternative!

-Derek R.

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