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Has anyone else seen ill effects of feeding Purina brand food to your dogs?

I try to feed my dog better food (grain free usually), but due to financial reasons (60 bucks a bag vs. 20 bucks a bag, 120 lb dog! You do the math) I have switched to Purina. I think it's called healthy bits, in a purple bag. Ever since Bella has been eating it I noticed she has been drinking TONS of water and leaking on the floor in her sleep :( I've made a vet appt but I'm just wondering if anyone else has noticed funny or unusual behaviors after feeding their dogs Purina products. Any brands you recommend in the same price range that are good for the pooches?

Asked by Bella Nala Clary on Jan 23rd 2013 Tagged purina, food, grainfree, strange in Food & Nutrition
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Purina has been on many recalls lately so I would stay away from feeding their foods and treats completely.

I've heard of many dogs acting extremely weird when switching to Purina. Many dogs have severe allergies and reactions to their foods.

There are other foods that you can feed that are much better for your dog than Purina that can still be bought at a low price, those food are -

Taste of the Wild
Diamond Naturals
Solid Gold

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