Has anyone else ever used cottage cheese and gelatin to get their puppies ears up?

I was just wondering if anyone else has ever used tbsp of cottage cheese per meal and 2 tbsp of unflavored gelatin per meal to help their puppies ears to stand up? I seen it online and tried it and they seem to love the chewy texture and also one of ginger's ears is almost completely up now but the other is still floppy but getting stronger. Has anyone else heard of this or used this method? I'm just worried cause her sister Thunder is an ear biter and I don't want her ears to get damaged.

Asked by GINGER on Feb 7th 2011 in Vitamin Supplements
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I've never heard of that before. On Ginger's page it says that she is a German Shepherd/Siberian Husky mix. Both of those breeds of dogs ears stand up. It takes a little while for both the German Shepherd and Husky's ears to stand up. Ginger is adorable already!

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cheese is bad for dogs. Give her pet tabs calcium

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Your pup is not even 8 weeks old yet. Her ears won't stand up for a while yet. In my decades of gsd's I have never heard of cottage cheese/gelatin to *help make ears stand. They will stand on their own. My teendog's started to stand up around 3 months & by 4 months were up most of the time. When he was pooped out they would relax...which is what you should do, lol. Let nature take its course. She is adorable, btw.

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It is WAY to early to expect her ears to be up at this point! They may come up before teething, but most likely teething will bring them down again and they will be up ON THEIR OWN when all adult teeth are in.
I agree with Squimy above me... I have been involved professionally with GSD's for many years and have NEVER heard of this BUT I have heard of MANY bone issues resulting from messing with the calcium balances in a young, growing German shepherd dog's diet by adding things like cheese, yogurt and calcium tablets!
Get them on a quality LARGE BREED puppy food and let nature take care of their ears!!!

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I have had GSD's for over 15 yrs. Is the breeder telling to do this? I would be concerned if they are.
GSD's don't need extra supplements. If your puppy is a large dog with large ears it might take a little longer because the body will have to adjust to the growth spurts over the next few months.As one judge said, no one should tape ears, puppies that have large heads will process extra calcium over the next few months and the ears will come up on their own.
*Teething* has the majority Cause of slow ear erection in breeds whose ears will be erect. If you are keeping two puppies of the same age it is best to seperate them while you are not watching them *every * second. Why? because by chance the ear could be traumatized prematurely if the other puppy is being dominate. It's rare, puppies usually play bite, but not for several months if they are both the same age. See our GSD forum for kind help along your puppy's path of growth. :)
Dieta's ears were fully erect after 8 mo. Big head

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