Has anyone else ever heard of Transfer Factors, the "smart molecule" designed by nature for the mammal immune system?

My dog had antibiotic failure for a long standing ear infection. It turned out to be long standing because the Vet had me on a merry go round with antibiotics that were not taking care of the problem. His immune system never did kick in to help fight the infection. I really prayed hard. I felt betrayed by "wonder drugs" and the anguish of feeling helpless. God answered my prayers by providing information about Transfer Factors for all mammal life form immune systems. I just knew if I could get his immune system going somehow, he could would have a fighting chance. Transfer Factors are the natural "Commander Generals" to all mammal life form immune systems. They are produced in the colostrum of all mammals. Anyway, they are the "brains" or molecules and can be taken orally to actually boost the mammal immune system's natural killer cells to 437%. I gave them to my dog for one month, elevating his immune system's natural killer cells. It worked! Anyone else heard of them?

Asked by Member 485851 on Nov 15th 2007 Tagged boostingimmunesystemsnaturalkillercells in Other Food & Nutrition
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