Has anyone dealt with neurological problems in their chihuahuas?

I recently adopted an 8 week old chihuahua puppy and at first everything was fine but then one day he suffered a fall. He was immediately rushed to the vet where we monitored him and he was sent home with a clean bill of health, he simply needed rest. After a week of perfectly healthy function (running, jumping, playing, eating right) I come home to him and he had thrown up in his cage, it looked to be everything he had eaten. He was also shaking and couldn't walk. I assumed it was low blood sugar so I fed him some nutri-cal and monitored him. He ate and his spirits seemed to be up so I relaxed. Well come the next day he is still shaking and cannot walk properly and during the night he had thrown up non stop. So I rushed him to the vet once more only to learn that he either a.) is simply prone to seizures or b.) has hydrocephalus. The vet gave him phenobarbital which just made him into a zombie. He is still sick and I was just wondering if anyone has experienced this or has any advice?

Asked by Member 873741 on Sep 4th 2009 Tagged hydrocephalus, seizures, brainfunction, chihuahuas in Health & Safety
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Hi, the fall may or may not have caused the problem. Anyway, it takes a while for a dog to get used to his meds and for you and the vet to work out the least amount that will still give results.

There are also other medications that can be used to treat seizures. Work with your vet and if he is unwilling to explore this with you, look for another vet who is willing to take on this challenge.

If you are near a big vet school, you could ask for a referral.
Good luck.

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