Has anyone been able to completely cure Transitional Cell Carcinoma in his/her dog's bladder? If so, how?

My dog Gayle is a 12.5 year old black lab mix. She has recently had surgery to remove a mast cell tumor (Stage 2 with 1 lymph node involved). In addition, after a series of what we thought were UTI's, she had a pelvic sonogram and then had her urine tested and was diagnosed with what they think is transitional cell carcinoma in the trigone of her bladder. She is taking a number of natural medicines and supplements and I am considering adding piroxicam to her treatment. Does anyone have any insights or advice? Thanks. --Marianne

Asked by Member 983832 on Apr 26th 2010 in Cancer
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My dog Daisy, a 10-12yo dachsund was diagnosed with bladder cancer last July. We didn't biopsy it but the tumor showed up in an ultrasound and blood work supported the probability of cancer. So we proceeded with piroxicam and mistoprostal (?). We also put her on Hills ND diet for cancer/chemotherapy though she hasn't had chemo. She has done wonderfully well since they didn't anticipate another year of quality life. She now has other issues we are dealing with but what I have read indicates piroxicam as the standard treatment for bladder cancer. Check this site for lots of info. And best of luck to Gayle and you.

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