Grooming for a long hair Dachshund.

I'm geting my first long hair Doxie next week I have been looking arounld on the internet and one person said they need to go to the groomers and there belly and legs needed to be cliped monthy. One said they never take theres to the groomers they just use a Strippeing brush so what is best? I don't mind at all takeing him to the groomers the one hear close to me is great with dogs. If he will need to see a groomer how ofton should he go and what age should I start takeing him?

Asked by Member 758309 on May 5th 2010 Tagged longhairdoxie in Professional Grooming
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It really is not that hard if you want to do it yourself. But if you are not comfortable doing it. But if you want to take them in. I would take them in when they are young just to get them used to it. Even if it is just to trim the toenails. If you keep them brushed out once every 6 to 8 weeks would be about right after they get to be around nine months.

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