Griffin doesnt like going on long rides in the car.........

after a while he decides hes had enough and goes under my moms seat and stays there until we get home hes fine if we go to the grocery store or to the shop any short ride hes fine with but if we were to take them to Cheyenne to Petco he will have his little spiel and go under the seat he doesnt act aggressively he just simply hides under the seat should i give him something to do during the long trips to Petco or something else Peaky is fine with trips like that Peakys' even gone with us to Texas and Kearney and he hasnt had a problem with it so im wondering why Griffin is please help me

Asked by Griffin on Jan 26th 2011 in Car Travel
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It's really not a good idea to let your doggies run loose in the car. They should be in a crate-cage.
I have a crate made of cloth. I feel real safe in there and I go in all by myself.

That's why your Griffin goes under the seat. He is looking for a safe place because he is afraid of the noise of the car and other traffic.

You should get one of those plastic crates and put a pad inside so he's not on cold plastic when he's inside. I bet he'll really like it!

answered on Jan 29th.

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